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Things Fall Apart Web-Quest

This Web Quest is designed to help you familiarize yourself with Nigeria, colonialism, and other issues that you’ll encounter in your reading of Things Fall Apart, one of the most famous pieces of literature in Nigerian history! 

YOu must answer each question in complete sentences to receive full credit

1. Where is Nigeria located? On what gulf can it be found? 
2. What is its capital?
3. When did the British gain control over Nigeria? 
4. When did Nigeria regain its independence? 
5. Who controlled the government between 1960 and 1999? 
6. What are some of the ongoing problems the people of Nigeria face? 
7. Who rules Nigeria today? 

8. Who are the major groups of people in Nigeria? 
9. For what forms of art are the Ibo (Igbo) people well known? 
10. Describe the Igbo economy. 
11. Who determines the leader in Igbo cultures? 
12. Explain the form of worship many Igbo people followed before Christian missions arrived. 

13. Author Chinua Achebe’s book Things Fall Apart is compared to what book often read in American schools? 
14. When was Things Fall Apart published? 
15. What are some of the “obsessions that have defined his career” that we can trace throughout his writing? 
16. When he was a student reading books written by English writers, Achebe was sickened by people who wrote about Africans that portrayed them as: 
17. According to this article, why would Achebe choose to write his book in English if his native language is Igbo? 

When you finish, turn in the assignment to the appropriate box.  

Get a copy of Things Fall Apart from the shelf.  You will need to read the first two chapters for next class.