Current Event Argument Research Paper Assignment

You will be writing an argument research paper on a current event. You will become an expert on your chosen topic.  I will provide a list of potential topics, however you are not limited to the topics listed. You can write about whatever interests you so long as: 1) It is approved by me and 2) is a topic that has enough information out there to research.

Essay Requirements:
  • Topic: Choose from the list or come up with one on your own.
  • Sources:  You will need a minimum of 7 annotated sources.  At least 5 of your sources must be used in your paper.
  • Formatting and Length: The final draft of your essay must be 5-7 pages in length.  
    • Final draft must be typed
    • Font: Times New Roman or Arial (only--No other fonts allowed)
    • MLA format:(MLA Format must be exactly right.  If you turn in a paper that has even a single error with regards to MLA format, it will be handed back to you and you will have one day to fix the mistakes. 
    • Length Clarification: 5 pages means you must get at least to the bottom of the 5th page.  I will consider this requirement met if your text gets to 2.5 inches from the bottom of the 5th page.  Please do not go beyond 7 pages. Points will be deducted if your paper is deemed too long.  
  • A rubric will be added to this page soon, but it will explain what will be required.
  • Note "cards" will be required for each source.
  • You must complete note cards, and the final draft on Google Drive
  • Due Dates
Assignment      Period 1-3         Period 2What is expected
Topic Check     2/12--During Class  2/16--During ClassYou need to speak to me to get your topic approved
Research Cards Due 2/19--@11:59PM 2/19--@11:59PMNotes will be shared electronically.  Click here for instructions.
Rough Draft Check/Peer Edit 2/26--Beginning of Class 2/27--Beginning of Class You will need a hard copy.  We will be spending time peer editing.  You will need to have a printed our draft ready to work on.
Final Draft     3/2--by the end of the school day 3/3--by the end of the school day     Hard Copy.  MLA formatting must be perfect.