Current Event Assignment

You will do a current event on a google doc.  
  • The doc name should be formatted as follows:
  • Period-First and Last Name-Name of assignment:
    • 3-Greg Arnold-Current Event
  • Each current event should include the following in the doc
    • Title of the Article
    • URL (Copied and pasted)
    • One paragraph summary (7-12 sentences)
    • One paragraph opinion (7-12 sentences)
  • Share the document with
  • Topics that are off limits:
    • Sports
    • Social Issues such as abortion and LGBTQ issues (This is because these issues can get too heated and class discussions can really go awry.  
    • Video Game Stories
  • Pretty much everything else is fair game.  If you are unsure, however, please do not hesitate to ask:
Assignment Schedule
January 29--One Current Event
February 2--Two more current event