Electronic Source Card Instructions

Please follow these instructions carefully.  

You will be making electronic source cards for your essay.  You need to have a minimum of 7 different sources for your research. You are encouraged to use Electronic sources, but you can also use sources such as books, magazines, newspapers.  Most of these sources are searchable on the Internet, however books are not, so a non internet source will be done a bit differently.  

Instructions:  You will be submitting your source cards via Google drive.  I think it is the easiest and cleanest way to keep track of your information.  Please follow these instructions carefully
  • Create a new folder in Google drive.  This is what you are going to share with me, not each individual card.  Please name the folder as folows.
    • "Period" "Last Name" "First Name" Source Cards--It should look like this
      • 1 Arnold Greg Source Cards
  • It is best to then go into that folder and start creating your source cards.  Source Cards should be formatted as follows
    • File Name--Each card should needs to be named (do not leave them as untitled documents).  I would suggest creating a shortened headline or the name of your source as the name of the file.  Click here for a sample
    • On the page itself, you will need to copy and paste the title of the article.  (I would suggest to copy and paste it and to paste it without formatting.  
    • Copy and past the URL
    • For electronic sources--Copy and paste the entire text of the news story (again paste without formatting)
      • Highlight and annotate the parts of the article you think you may use.  The best way is to highlight the part you are going to use and then type in a comment using the comment tool.  
      • For non electronic sources--You will need to read and type in the relevant information into the document and then for each quote you use, insert a comment as well. 
  • Make sure all of your cards that you are going to turn in are in the new folder you have created.
  • You should have separate note cards for each source.