Jane Austen Web Quest

To begin your quest, please type the provided links to enter into each unknown territory to gather the treasures and knowledge pertaining to Jane Austen. If there are any instructions, please follow them and then answer the questions to show off your newly gained wealth of knowledge! Record your answers on a piece of paper.  The Webquest is due at the end of the period. 

Please proceed to the middle of the page with the blue links to see several different page options. Under "Foundation" click on "Regency Period" to learn more about Jane Austen's time period. Then answer the following questions!

1. When did the Regency Period begin?

2. Why was King George III considered unfit to rule? What is an example of what he said that showed his "illness"? 

3. When Austen finished which novel, what did the Prince Regent give her the "honor" to do? 

4. When did the Prince Regent finally take the throne and what was his new title?

*Now proceed to the box with all the links again and choose "Rank and Class" to learn of the addressing terms used back in Austen's time period to answer the next 2 questions.*
5. How would you address the nobility and who belongs to this class?

6. How do you distinguish between a noble lady and a non-noble lady (the wife of a nobleman, but not born of nobility herself)?

Read the page about Jane Austen's life and answer the following questions.

1. Was Austen a publicly acknowledged writer when she was alive?

2. When and where was Austen born?

3. Who were Austen's brothers and what were their professions?

4. What was Austen's first mature work and when did she write it?

5. In 1809, to where did Austen move? Why is this considered the beginning of Austen's most productive period?

6. When did Austen die? What illness caused her death? What novel was left incomplete due to her death?

1. How old was Austen when she began Pride and Prejudice?

2. What was Pride and Prejudice originally called?

3. What year did Austen's father offer the Pride and Prejudice manuscript to a publisher and what happened?

4. When Sense and Sensibility was published, what was stated on the title page?

5. In 1803, Austen sold what draft to a publisher, but what actually happened to the manuscript?

6. What two novels were published posthumously?

1. What is the genre of Persuasion? 

2. Who is part of the gentry class?

3. Who was part of the lower class?

4. What does Austen satirize in Persuasion and give an example of how she does this?

5. How can a person's class be distinguished?

6. In Austen's time what does "candour" mean? What does it mean now?

1. Which book was voted the British nation's top book?

2. Who played Fitzwilliam Darcy in BBC's Pride and Prejudice? What famous scene was he in?

3. What do experts sat that makes Austen "stand out from other writers"?

4. There are some people who do not like Austen's works. Which 19th century romantic writers do they prefer?

5. Who wrote a screen play for Sense and Sensibility that made Austen more popular? What did this person win?

6. What two things are Austen's novels about and why do her books still interest us?

Read the following page about marriage during Austen's time. Then answer the following questions.

1. What three things were not open to women during Austen's time?

2. What is an example of an occupation available to women? Was it a highly respected one?

3. How did "genteel" women get money?

4. Was Jane Austen considered on of the few women professionals? Why or why not?

5. Could unmarried woman live by themselves? Name the historical figure who had to live with her mother until she was married.

6. Why was entering into a state of marriage extremely serious business?

Read about the men of Austen by clicking "show the men." Scroll over each of their profiles to answer the following questions.
1. How old is Fitzwilliam Darcy and how would his friends describe him?

2. How much does Frederick Wentworth earn? What are his favorite things to do?

3. What are some of the games and exercise that William Collins enjoy?

4. Who is the oldest gentleman on the list provided?