Life of Pi Web-Quest

Task 1:  Click on the following link and then using a separate sheet of paper draw and fill in the following chart.

  Christianity    Hinduism     Islam
 How many gods do the religion's followers worship? Who are the major gods?    
 Where do followers worship?    
 What are the religion's major methods for seeking redemption?   

Task 2: Religion Facts: Next, use a search engine like Google to find one resource that contains information about these three religions, write down the MLA citation for the resource (for this task, consider using However, do NOT use the autocite feature. Instead, manually enter the necessary data). Find two intriguing facts about each religion, and record the facts to share with the class.

  Christianity Hinduism Islam
 Fact 1   
 Fact 2   
 MLA Citation   

Task 3: Indira GandHi: Using the following link, read about Indira Ghandi and answer these questions. 

1. Who was Indira Gandhi? 
2. Why was Gandhi criticized? 
3. Do you think the criticisms of Indira Gandhi fair or unfair? Explain. 

Task 4 Pondicherry: Use the following link to answer these questions about Pondicherry. 

1. Look at the picture to see where Pondicherry, India is. 
2. List four interesting facts about Pondicherry. (for example, What is the atmosphere like? What is it known for?) 
3. Examine the pictures so you can see what Pondicherry looks like. 

When you finish this web-quest on a separate sheet of paper, turn it into the correct box for 1st period.

Before the end of class, get a copy of Life of Pi.  They are on one of my shelves.  You will need to read the first 30 pages before next class period.