Lord of Flies Web Quest

Lord of the Flies WebQust

Answer all questions on a separate piece of paper

The Stanford Prison Experiment was spearheaded by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo at Stanford University. Find the Write up in Wikipedia. After reading about  experiment and its outcome, consider this question:

1. Is the power of a situation stronger than the character or personality traits of those involved? To what degree do our surroundings shape who we are and how we act?  (8 to 12 Sentence Paragraph)

Read the information on Stanley Milgram, the My Lai Massacre, and Hugh Thompson, Jr. Task: Write a detailed paragraph for each answer.

2. Based on your readings, why do you think Hugh Thompson, Jr. did what he did, even though it caused him to disobey his authorities?

3. How do his actions contrast with the results of the Milgram study on obedience to authority?

Milgram Experiment – 

Find a story, biography, or article about a person who has shown extraordinary courage by rising above a difficult situation. The actions of this person should show an exception to Zimbardo‟s claim that "the power of a situation is stronger than the character or personality traits of those involved.” (Hugh Thompson, Jr. is not an option.) 

4. Task: In a detailed paragraph, address the following questions: 

What "situation" did this person rise above? 
How would you expect the average person to react in this situation? 
What did this person do that was so extraordinary? 
If you were in this situation, how do you think you might act?